Upcoming Events & Important Dates
Tennis Banquet  •  August 3  •  6:00pm  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Adult Morning Swim  •  August 4  •  6:00am  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Ladies Tennis  •  August 4  •  6:30pm  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Adult Morning Swim  •  August 6  •  6:00am  •  Beachwood Recreation Association

Senior Member Information

The eligibility for Senior Membership at Beachwood are as follows:

You have to have been a member for 15 years and not have any kids under the age of 19 in your household. The membership is for you and a spouse, anyone else visiting the club would be considered a guest and subject to guest fees. When changing your membership to Senior status, your equity of $430 is refunded to you, the annual dues are currently $250/year, and you give up the option to sell your membership along with your house and you give up voting rights at membership meetings.

If you have questions, please contact


Julie Monroe, Membership
email: Beachwoodmembership@gmail.com

The link below is to the Senior Member Contract. This is a PDF document. Please print the document, complete and return to me.

Senior Member Contract