Upcoming Events & Important Dates
Tennis Banquet  •  August 3  •  6:00pm  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Adult Morning Swim  •  August 4  •  6:00am  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Ladies Tennis  •  August 4  •  6:30pm  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Adult Morning Swim  •  August 6  •  6:00am  •  Beachwood Recreation Association

The Boardroom

Dear Beachwood Members,

The board meets regularly on the second Wednesday of the month. Typically in the off season, the meetings take place at a Board Member’s residence. During the season, the meetings take place in the Beachwood pavilion. Beachwood members are invited to listen in on board meetings. If you wish to attend, please send an email and we will inform you of that month’s meeting location.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the Beachwood Board members listed below. We will be happy to help.

2015 Beachwood Board of Directors

Beachwood Rules and By-Laws

Click here for the current revision of the Beachwood Recreation Association By-Laws or click here for the current revision of the Rules and Regulations. If you have questions or comments, please direct them to one of the board members listed below.

2015 Directors

Pat ONeill President 248-521-0207 president@beachwoodrec.org
Nathan Wray Vice President 248.812.9729 vicepresident@beachwoodrec.org
Jojo Klingler Secretary 248.635.4634 secretary@beachwoodrec.org
Todd Triemstra Membership Chair 248.396.3656 membership@beachwoodrec.org
Dave Kozlowski Facilities Chair 248.703.7181 facilities@beachwoodrec.org
John Lowry Treasurer 248-660-6313 treasurer@beachwoodrec.org
Ellen Perham Social Chair 248.752.1038 social@beachwoodrec.org
Lance Farr Swim Chair 248.789.3268 swim@beachwoodrec.org
Rob Olmstead Tennis Chair 248-840-3222 tennis@beachwoodrec.org