Upcoming Events & Important Dates
A Finals Dinner  •  July 24  •  5:30pm  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Tennis make-up  •  July 25  •  8:30am  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
Finals set up  •  July 25  •  3:00pm  •  Beachwood Recreation Association
NSSL finals  •  July 26  •  7:00am  •  Beachwood Recreation Association

Team Photo Gallery

Below are some of the Swim Team Photos from the past. These images are in date order and a gallery format. To view, click on a picture and a popup will display the image. You can then navigate from image to image by moving your mouse towards the left or right side of the popup. When an Arrow appears, click and the image will advance to the next, or previous image, which ever the case. If you want to save one of the pictures, simply right click and select Save Image As and follow the dialogs to save on your local computer.