Tennis Enthusiasts: The tennis parent meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 2nd from 7p-8p at Beachwood in the main pavilion near the tennis office. Scott and Samit will discuss the tennis program and the ladder/tennis ladder rules.

If tennis members are interested in purchasing tennis uniforms, the page is now set up for purchase. The page can be found under Tennis/Tennis Uniforms. Members may pick up the shirts/shorts at Bloomfield Sports Shop or if you order on-line, select event pick-up and the items will be delivered to Beachwood at no cost. Last day to order will be 6/20/16 and then the site will be taken down.

Please note that we will have classes beginning the week of June 8th after school. Check the program schedule on our website for your class time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Samit Shah (586.909.2397) at or Rob Olmstead (248.840.3222) at

Rob Olmstead, Tennis Chair