Girls A Match

Girls A match v Heart of the Hills 6/22/18
Default win due to low numbers from Heart of the Hills

A match vs, great oaks cc 6/29
1s. Emily B 3-6 loss
2s. Ava F 3-2 default win
1d. Madeline M/Wynnie G 6-4 win

1s. Hadley K 8-3 win
2s. Molly O 8-5 win
1d. Julia S/Maya S 6-5 win

1s. Madeline M 0-8 loss
2s. Katelun T 2-8 loss
1d. Julia L/Hailey C 8-6 win

1s. Heidi B 8-5 win

A match v LTF 7/6/18
1s. Ava F 6-7 loss
2. Ainsley O 0-6 loss
1d. Annika T/Janie L. 0-6 loss

1s. Hadley K 8-2 win
2s. Molly O 0-8 loss
1d. Julia S/Maya S 5-8 loss

1s. Katelyn T 0-8 loss
2s. Julia L. 0-8 loss
1d. Abby H/Katelyn T 0-8 loss

1s. Heidi B 0-8 loss
2s. Shannon M 2-8 loss
1d. Heidi B/Shannon M 3-8 loss